IPRoutes LLC is a consulting firm specializing in service provider and large enterprises routing and switching network technologies.

I have years of experience in architecture, migration and operational aspects of large networks comprising of routing technologies like interior gateway protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS), large scale BGP architectures, MPLS, DDOS Mitigation and Quality of Service.

I also have expertise in advanced Ethernet based switching technologies including cross platform migrations, spanning tree design and operations, VLAN design, Layer 2 security and QinQ design, implementation and operations.

IPRoutes LLC specializes in Cisco and Juniper hardware platforms and expertise in advanced configuration and troubleshooting Cisco’s IOS, IOS-XE, IOS-XR and Juniper’s JunOS.



Network Architecture
Network Software Upgrades (IOS-XR, IOS, IOS-XE, JunOS)
Network Troubleshooting
IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing Design
IPv6 Migration
BGP Implementation
MPLS Design and Implementation
DDOS Mitigation Design & Implementation
Routing Protocol Migration


The world is running out of IP(v4) addresses. IP addresses are globally managed by IANA, which assigns addresses to the five registries.

APNIC (Asia/Pacific’s Internet registry) and RIPE (Europe’s Internet registry) have already depleted their address pools. ARIN (North America’s Internet registry, have 5 /8 IPv4 address pools left which is expected to be depleted very soon.

ARIN will not be able to assign anymore IPv4 addresses to the ISPS. IPv6 address space is the address of our future. Now is the time to plan and implement IPv6 in the service provider and enterprise networks if not already done. IPRoutes LLC can be your parner in planning, designing and implementing IPv6 addresses in your network.


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